Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zafaria: Legendary Artisan Quest!

Hello again,

I am so curious to do this Legendary Artisan Quest.  But first you have to do that quest as storyline from Koyate Ghostmane, Legendary Artisan and Shopkeeper in Baobab Market, but he doing the storyline in Baobab Crossroad first, then you have to talk to him after he done with storyline.  He will move to Baobab Market.

He will give you the recipe. It is called Spirit Caller Drums. Is that sounds familiar, who do you know?
It is Stephen Spiritcaller from Ravenwood Radio.  Hmm, am I right?  Who know?

Anyway, the recipe is Spirit Caller Drum.  By the way, you need to make 2 of them.

Require to be Grandmaster Artisan to complete, before talk to him.
Cool Down timer: 120 hours (5 days) for non- members, 60 hours (2.5 days) for members.
Crafting Table Station: Basic Crafting Station

Ingredient as you need to add:

(2)   1 Legend Shield
(10) 5 Perfect Onyx
(12) 6 Pristine Vial
(20) 10 Bone
(20) 10 Leather Straps
(12) 6 Mist Wood
(2)   1 Conga Drum


Conga Drum Recipe

Require to be Master Artisan
Cool Down Timer: 24 hours for non-member, 12 hours for members.
Crafting Table Station: Housing Crafting Station
Cost: 4755 Gold
Vendor: Gearwise, Celestia Base Camp, Celestia

(that mean you need to make 2 conga drum)

Ingredient as you need to add:

(4)   2 Giant
(2)   1 Amethyst
(2)   1 Crystal Vial
(8)   4 Aether
(16) 8 Shell
(32) 16 Fossils
(8)   4 Scales


I hope this will help you to be prepare to save those Ingredients you ready to make.  Be warning! I may will change Grandmaster Artisan to Legendary Artisan badge for challenge. So.... We will see but I have not decide yet when it come to live and I will think about it.  =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!


  1. No new reagents? Aww...

    Okay, back to not spoiling it for me.


  2. Diana the spiritcaller and congo drum require housing station not basic

  3. well they updated the spirit caller drum recipe. look at my blog and i can find you in my friends list anymore :(. well the blog is www.creativediviner.blogspot.comand i am chris stormshard by the way. And i would appreciate if you told people that i am back and bloging again :) xD