Thursday, May 24, 2012

Game Kiosk: Scavenger Hunt!

Hello again,

I would like to share and remind you that test realm is ready and still online.  What is Scavenger Hunt?  Well, I tried few times and I enjoyed it.  It is more like you have to find "Zeke's side quests": Smith, Beetle, Stray Cat, Wallflower, Blue Oyster Clam, Stone Rose, Lounging Lizard, Trogg,Sock Monkey, Black Crow and Yard Bird. Just warning you all that stone rose and wallflower won't be in game, maybe new zeke's quests in future may not add as well.  Here are the pictures I took and post to share.  I hope you enjoy to read this.

You can find the link at Wizard101:
But find "Let the hunt begin!"  That where you can read at.

In test realm, the cost crown is 2500.  But be aware of that, it will be crafted very soon.  I don't know what kind of recipe yet.  But I believe that new reagents will part of this recipe.  Just be careful and be prepare to save those reagents in future.  And also be warning, it is possible that Scavenger Hunt kiosk will be part of one new pack later.... I don't want to set the gossip about it but I has feeling that it will be in pack somehow.   But just watch out for it come to live.  For crafters who can't afford crowns or other, suggest start to save reagents in future.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

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