Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to Use Pet Snacks!

Hello again, (for all wizard101)

I would like to share this topic: How to Use Pet Snacks!  Well, I am sure that some of you used packs that give pet snacks but can't sell in bazaar.  Here is the link of Kelsey Fireheart's: No Auction Pet Snacks

Anyway, Avalon is here!  So you can delete that pet snacks.  But wait, wait a minutes!  I have idea for everyone.

My idea is use them for pet from baby to teen easy way to feed instead delete it off.  Save your times to remove all snacks even not sell in bazaar.  Use them to feed at baby pet until teen, use them or mega snacks that dropped from crown seeds.

Your choice!  It is up to you!

If you really need energy for pet or gardening, do training pet before you doing quests while you can, when you will level up, the energy will refill itself.  If you have time to training pet before quests and after that will be fine, but if you have gardening, try balance both.  Or have few wizards use gardening and few wizards use pets.   

Your wizards and your decision!

Warning: When you reach level 80, the refill of Health, Energy and XP are freeze until next new worlds.  So, just be careful with energy as you can.  

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

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