Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tips: One in a Million Badge!

Hello again,

I would like to talk about the Badge of "One in a Million."  I am sure that some of you wonder what is that badge "One in a Million."  All (only one person) you have to hit one million damage on one boss or any kind of bosses/minions.

Well, I am make the lists what you should to be prepare to have and ready to hit.  Pssstttt...... If you don't have those, try ask your friends to help out to find those Treasure cards or/and other stuff that I made the lists.  Good Luck!

Treasure Cards:

Balance Blade
Elemental Traps
Elemental Blades
Spirital Traps
Spirital Blades
Your own school blade and trap

(Some traps or/and blades has different number percent, watch carefully, I found two curse with two different percents, it may be working but I have not try it. So watch for them in bazaar, gardening or crafting)

Here are the list that can be helpful:

+Have a few friends help you. (Very helpful tip: Use Death and Balance who has lot of good traps and blades, not treasure cards only)

+Have pets that have all talents or some like Hexster, Curse Giver, Feinting Spell or/and Pets come with blades or traps.

+Have Amulets that have traps or/and blades.  If you got it from bosses or find in bazaar, remember they are not cheap.

+Have gears that has traps and blades, and your own school gears with blade/trap crafting from Wintertusk.  If you want to know where to find gears with names.  Please let me know I will make the list asap.  Thank you.

+Make sure you add pierce/shatter, Treasure cards, your school spells as your attack(s), trap(s), blade(s) or/and Sun spells.

If you think of something, please add the comment(s).  Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

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