Friday, May 11, 2012

Study New Reagents Update!

Hello again, (For ALL Wizard101 Only)

After Avalon released, the new reagents are Amber, Vine and Braided Vines.

I would like to share with you what I did with few seeds so far. I do have five out of six wizards in one account that focus on gardening at the moment.  But warning some of plants drop very rare like I planted 32 Frozen Fly Trap, when they reached elder, I got 3 vines out of 32 seeds.  No kidding!  Just Warning to all of you.


Moon Flower (1)

Burning Snap (27)
Almost Elder, will let you know. ;)


Frozen Fly Trap (42)
Yes at elder, they drop vine.


Prickly Bear Cactus
Almost Elder
No new reagents
most snacks but snacks will help you to sell gold as you needed

Pink Dandelion (6)
without like, see how long it last.

Deadly Ninja Fig (9)
without like, see how long it last.


Snap Dragon (9)

Helephant Ears (32)


Ivy Leagues (12)

For those seeds, I am researching on those seeds to drop items and how long it last without likes and with likes.  That I am try to set up for my website.  Website has to be wait until I am trying to finish all seeds to researching 57 seeds.  But not all 57 seeds that I will have to study.  Oh well.......   Wish me good luck for researching on them.

Other reason I am gather reagents to max in share bank that you may know why I am doing this.  That way I don't have to worry about reagents in future when it come to next new worlds or whatever that will be.  I am try to help you to understand why I am doing this for everyone to understand and start gather reagents to save it for future.  Please do it for yourself as gardener and crafter.  DO NOT SELL REAGENTS unless max as full, you can sell some back to bazaar and if you need gold, try not sell reagents.  

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

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