Saturday, May 12, 2012

Quests Group Better than Solo!

Hello again,

I just want to warn to all of you that when you enter to Dragonspyre, Celestria, Zafaria and Avalon, maybe all worlds, you need quest buddy or group that do same quests instead of ask someone, "can you help me?" or "Port" without explaining.  I think it is the best idea to have a buddy or group to stay for quests instead to ask everyone that not help you at all.  That way you will have team who will help each other instead of do solo quests ask for help even they are too busy or can't help.

The rules are for Quest Group:

1- Set the times for group that can meet and get start.
2-Make sure each of players clean backpack, treasure cards and other up.
3-Make sure the decks set up.
4-Make sure to ask how long to do quests.
5-Most important is the communication.
6-Have fun!

I am give you the example of Icy and I doing our quests.  We do have time limit everyday as one to two hours per day, it is depends on our irl stuff.  We make sure to talk the plans ahead of times that we can or can't play. Like I told her few days I can't play because of my son's "surgery" or appointment or school stuff, like she has irl need to focus.  We understand each other what, which, and when we need to focus irl.  But we do our best to complete quests much as we can.  We are not perfect people.  As long we enjoy our company each other.  We don't like to use henchmen that cost too much money and we rather to have friends to have fun and focus on quests/dungeons and other stuff.

I do have other wizards that I want to finish as well, but I do not hurry for anything quests or other.  I am just relax.  Of course I want to finish, so I can focus other stuff as well.   I am not worry about that.  I am not like Kelsey Fireheart who did lot of wizards and other stuff.

Other reasons are that dungeons we can't port in after we reach quests to finish it.  Even people can't help you as they can't port in dungeons.  Bad luck at Dragonspyre, Zafaria, Avalon and your own school spell quests that can't let everyone port in.  Once you enter the dungeon, your friends can't port in.  We need to complete quests before enter dungeons.  So be careful to think about this problems.  That why Wizard101/Kingsisle want us to stay group doing quests easy than just solo.

Please think about yourself that worth of your times and quests with people or yourself.

I wish you Good Luck with Spiral!

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  1. Soloing can be fun too! But you have to be able to handle the different style of game play, and not worry too much if you die a few times.

    But being unprepared can leave you dead and with no friends. lol