Thursday, August 4, 2011

50TH Post! My Treat!

Hello again,

I would like to say thank you so much for support and follow my blog since I made this blogspot for wizard101 as I am represent for crafting, no matter what, I am still here if need help with crafting.  I am happy to help!

I have 78 followers so far, thank you so much!  \|m/ everyone!  =)

I been thinking a lot about something I has to feel to share with you.  Since you may aware that I am deaf, if you missed my blog about Deafness and Me.   I just want to say I am admit that I am not good with spelling, vocabulary and grammar.

The way I grew up, I learned to speak and listen which is the "Oral" for hearing impaired.  At most times, I wish I wanted to learn more vocabulary and spelling since I grew up.  No matter how hard my teachers and my mother taught me to learn anything.  I am grateful for them that they have very effort to teach all of hearing impaired students to improve their education.  I love my mother even I don't want to read the books or learn the english, but she is so stubborn to teach me to read, writing and understand the grammar during summer.  Do you understand why I keep ask what is that mean or huh? or something like that when I keep to make sure that I can try to be understand???  Forgive me to keep ask questions and so curious.  Understand that I am reader as 5th graders.  Very sad, that hearing impaired read level low than I am.  My mother rather to have me to read more graders than low level readers.  One day, she went to deaf school, to observe them, she came home and cried.  She told me after I almost graduation high school, she explained me why not she put me in deaf school instead go to Junior High school.  I totally understand why she prefer me to go public school than go to deaf school.

Kevin BB and I talked about how does my communication do with you.  He asked me about ASL structure, it made me realize that I am use American Sign Language which is my primary language, english is my second language.  I am try and do my best to make sure my writing as english do well.  The reasons I explained about my education, I would love if you help me with grammar and spelling.  I will be so happy if any of you willing to help me improve my english. And also I use blog to help my improvement with english.  :) Thank you.

Anyway, my treat for you is sneak preview of my story.  Enjoy!  =)

A orphan deaf girl name Diana Emeraldheart, first time to enter Wizard City, learning the spells, and meet new people.  She wonder about her mother and looking for the truth of her mother.  But she found out about the problems, clues and puzzles in Spirals that nobody told her about.  She has very special power that she can see and figure the problems.  The bad lady name is Cruella try to destroy all girls so she can stay queen as long time as she want.  Diana has to stop her before too late.  What can she do?  Can she save Spirals?   Will she meet her mother? 

I will keep post once a week.  Have not decide yet the date to set up.  Wish me good luck for this story.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart


  1. Your story sounds really cool! Can't wait to read it! :)

  2. Good story, and you gonna use malistaire? That would be funny
    good luck with your story :-)