Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 6: STV Project

Hello again,

I know that you feel like you are tired of my researching that I am share with you. Hehe....  Anyway, here they are.



So far, the spells they need are: Pest 1, Sun, Magic, Pollination and Music.  Which is 65 energy, if you are legendary and you have 70 energy, good enough to do this gardening, but with other plants they like with, they need water and Pest 2.  For King Parsley, not yet get spells but as soon I find out, I will add more information.  OKay?

Yes, helephant ears are done to elder, I got their harvests.  I will add those later posts when all done elders.  Okay?

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

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