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LPoS: Chapter One

Chapter one

Somewhere in a spiral, I feel that I am floating in air with green leaves falling, thinking, Where am I? So I looked around, until I saw a shadow figure with wings, I try move but I still stuck in air floating, then I saw my foster mother try shake me softly and try tell me “it is time to wake up or you will be late for Orientation.”
                Then I woke up slowly and look around, sitting on the floor instead of bed, felt sweating, and wonder why was I sweating.  My foster mother shake me to wake up, do you wonder why she shake me to wake up?  Well, I am deaf and I can’t hear what she say or yell.  She take care of me since I was baby.  Her name is Roslyn “Rose” Emerald.
                I stand up, went to bathroom to take shower, then I dress up as I really hate this clothes which look like it required by School of Wizardary Orientation, that school I never hear of. 
While I dress up, thinking, My name is Diana Emeraldheart, I am 13 years old.  I am deaf as well. My hair is brown, medium down.  My eye is Hazel blue. My skin is fair.  I am start new school this year as ‘M A G I C.’ But I don’t like to go new school every year since I was baby.  I found out I has magic power when I was little kid.  I have very special power that I can see and figure the problems. I has no ordinary dreams since I was baby.
                Rose took me to special place that nobody know how or where.  She was instructed by someone who rule the School of Wizardary.  That special place was old, big tree so nobody can access there or can’t destroy because it is historian tree. 
                Before we enter, Rose hug me, stand beside me and sign to me, “Diana, remember you are wonderful daughter I have since I take care of you.  I’ll miss you so much.  I want to tell you something about you.  It is time for me to tell you.  You are a special person that will be save the Spirals.”
                I stand back and push her away, thinking What are she talking about, what’s going on?  I asked her, “What are you meaning?  I am lost.”
                She stand quiet in a few moments and try to talk to me.  But someone yell, “Attention, all wizards come to me please!”  She point me to him, sign, “get ready, go.  Go!” I looked at someone, then I looked back to my foster mother, Rose for few seconds.  Silence between us while wizards said goodbyes to their families.
                I walked away to join wizards group, I looked back to my foster mother, Rose and wave with handshape I love you!
                All wizards stand by the spiral door, someone said, “Hello, new wizards, my name is Mr. Lincoln, this is the spiral door, you have that special key call,”Wizard City.”  This key, you need to keep it safe from bad hands that we worry about.  Anyway, get ready to go Wizard City, follow me.”  All of the sudden, we entered the door, then we are inside the tree, we wondered what was that.  So Mr. Lincoln walked through Ravenwood, then go to Wizard City, we followed him.
                Mr. Lincoln said, “Welcome to Wizard City.  This is Gamma the Owl and Headmaster Merle Ambrose.” He pointed who they are. “I will let them to explain to you.”  I was so lost since I am deaf and I can’t hear what they talk about.
                Gamma, the owl said, “Welcome to the School of Wizardary.  Headmaster Merle Ambrose will take care of you, and you will have the responsibility to take care of spells, pets, wands and yourself.  This responsibility will protect you.  Don’t be lost in other spirals until Headmaster Ambrose say so.  I wish you good luck.  Behave and have fun. Here is Headmaster Merle Ambrose.”
                Headmaster Merle Ambrose cleared his throat, then said, “Welcome, welcome, new wizards, time so fast.  Today we just focus on Orientation, then will focus on you where to belong. Hmm….”  He murmur himself to think what to do.  “Ah…. Now I remembered.  Let me explain about schools which you will be in, but first I like to all of you meet all teachers, they are here and so anxious to meet you all. “  While he point to all teachers, trees and the places where we will sleep, go classroom and talk to trees if needed.
“BALANCE ~ Wise, clever, thoughtful and Charming.  Balance are
                        great at adjusting the rules of combat.
DEATH ~ Solitary, driven, brave, and Intelligent.  Death use drains,
                 taking strength from their  enemies and healing
                        FIRE ~ Smart, Passionate, competitive and attractive.  Fire have
                                     attack spells that linger, damaging their foes again and again.
                        ICE ~ Strong, loyal, courageous and honest. Ice can take a lot of
                                   damage, but are somewhere weaker when attacking.
                        LIFE ~ Social, charming, funny and Spiritual.  Life are great at healing
                                     themselves and others.
                        Myth ~ Visionary, serious, competitive and Knowledgeable.  Myth
                                     often fight alone, summoning Minions to aid them in battle.
                        Storm ~ Impulsive, educated, creative and independent.  Storm are
                                      capable of devastating attacks, but have somewhat weaker
                I will analyze in crystal globe and it will tell you which you will belong to.  But first, let Mr. Lincoln call the name, so you will come in and enter my office alone with Gamma the owl.
                Before we get start, you will have your own dorm room and your own pet you will pick.  You are wonderful people and very special.  Hmmm…….  Ah… You have your responsible over yourself, dorm room and take care of your pet, too.  Have a wonderful day.  OOOHHHHHHhhhhhh…….  Good luck to you!”
                He smile and walked back to his office, have Mr. Lincoln call name one by one.
                The new wizards are afraid and don’t know what to do.  They whispered each other to tell who they are, and hope to belong which school they like to. 
                A boy try talk to me, I point my ears that I shake my head that I showed him, try talk slow,"I can’t hear."  He has an idea and put his hand up in air, try tell me, “wait.” He casted the spell to us, Agnosco lingua sulum alius* then he said,”there” with subtitle pop up.  I was like open my mouth and shocked, thinking how can he do that? He introduced and talk to me his name is Kevin Dragonblood. He hope he will be in Balance school. His hair is black and long hair in front but short trim back of hair, his eye is brown, his skin is like Vietnam color.  He is very clever, nice and charming.  I told him in sign language which pop up subtitle as he understand how the communicate working between us, my name and wish to be in Life School.  I asked him what they talked about since we came in.  He explained about what they talked about. 
                The brown long hair with brown eyes girl watched us communicate and so curious, asked Kevin, “Hi, excuse me, I am so sorry I overheard between both of you, how can you understand her?”  Kevin explained about the spell he casted to make understand the language.  He smile and little shy, I looked at her and still read the subtitles what he told us.  He casted the spell on her, Agnosco lingua sulum alius* and she so shocked, open her mouth, she said so exciting,”This so freak cool, I love it. I always wanted to know about this spell that I can communicate better.  I always wanted to learn American Sign Language.”  I tried stop her and sign Wait, wait, wait!  Then she stopped and saw, thinking Wow! I sign asked, “What is your name and which school you wish to be in?” She said, “oops, sorry, my name is Cassandra Hexsong and I hope for Life School. You can call me Hexy,  What is your?”  I told her my name and wish for school, he told her as well.  She said, “Diana, can you teach me American Sign Language?”  I sign Yes!  I am glad to teach if you want to.  So we chatted, laugh and smile.
                All of the sudden, I saw the dark sky.

To be continued.....

Who is that shadow figure with wings?    What did Rose try to tell me?

* Agnosco lingua sulum alius = Understand languages each other (latin) You will see this spell more often.  =)

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