Monday, August 1, 2011

Dorm Rooms =)

Hello again,

               In past week, I has sunburn on my face, my shoulders and my chest.  It was not fun, but my kids has fun with their cousins to swimming pool the family invited us in few months ago.  We know that but we kind of busy since, so my hubby got day off last Monday which we has our state holiday on Sunday. So we did for our kids to have fun instead stay home.  As I remembered that Cassandra Dragonheart said it is important time with family than in games to play.  It made me think about important to family than play all time while my family stay home do nothing.  So, It is good opportunity to have time spend with family that will have good memory for all of us instead of stay home do nothing and may be blame on whoever are not planning to do have fun or family time. 

Anyway, I did enter Paige's Dorm Contest for fun and also I didn't know that I am winner for 1st place prize. So I would like to say, "Congratulations to all winners and who tried entries even not winning the prizes but Good Job to decoration."  I am grateful for Cody Raventhorn who taught me how to use rug trick and other stuff.  If not for him, I may not doing good decoration without rug trick and other stuff. So I like to share this pictures with you what I decorated my dorm room.


First of all, I am thankful to Paige's Dorm Contest that she posted it in few weeks ago and I thought I should try for fun.  Now I learned the rug tricks and platform tricks.  I would like to share this my myth dorm room that I have not share but few friends of mine.  Here are few pictures from my Myth wizard's dorm room:


It took me about few hours (I can't remember how long) to set the Brick-Walled Pond (crafting one) up in dorm room which is very hard to do.  My friend Cody Raventhorn tried but failed.  So I decided I do it!  I did it!  Woot!  =D  

Are you wonder how did I do that?  Well, I set up with 12 platforms and Brick-Walled Pond.  So I rotated the brick-walled pond and try move back, before you pick platforms up.  Yeah, lot of working but remember, patient take times.  :)  Sometimes I wonder how can I learn how to use film this game so I can share this with you.  Like youtube or something. 

Anyway,  if you want to know where to buy this Brick-Walled Pond recipe, it is at The Atheneum, Dragonspyre, the vendor name is Balthazar Dragonthorn, it is cost 2730 gold, must be Master Artisan, the timer is 19:12:00 and crafting station is Housing.  The ingredients as you need for this recipe are 6 Storm Shark Treasure Cards, 1 Shadow Oil, 2 Glass Vial, 84 Deep Mushroom, 28 Black Lotus, 20 Ancient Scroll and 80 Spider Silk.

If you need help with crafting of furniture, let me know as you need help with.  ;-)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart

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