Monday, August 8, 2011

Silver Trumpet Vines Donation....

Hello again,

I would like to have Silver Trumpet Vines Donations for my researching.  I will put the names who willing to donate to me. I need about 35 STV, please. And also I will trade the Orthrus Treasure Cards after it will be ready at Elder. In live realm, not test realm.   That's all I asked, please.  Thank you.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart

P.S. You can comment/suggest about who drops those seeds, I been struggle to get seeds even bosses refused drop it.  :/ TY!

1 comment:

  1. They drop from....
    Big Salgio
    Narallor Nightborn
    Optio Marinos
    Optio Neelus
    Optio Verdis
    Piscean Centurion
    Tempus Stormfist
    and finally, Wildcrag

    Good Luck!