Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Goals 2011

Hello again,

Sigh, now it is hot summer of August, which will be coming soon for "Back to School."  Anyway, now I would like to talk about my goals for July before I decide my goals for this month of August.
July 2011 Goals:

1) My life wiz will get commander robe as soon she get enough tickets.

As you saw my post about commander robe I got, I am so happy to done with, but sigh, need to get warlord badge back somehow.  I am not hurry for that. :)  That I am completed the goal for life wizard, Diana Wildheart.

2) Focus on Fire and Death to finish in Dragonsprye and Grizzleheim.

Well, my fire and death done with Main Quests in Dragonsprye, still working on GH and CL at the moments.
If I have more time or complete the goals, I may can focus on Myth to warlord.  Nope, I did not have times for my myth to get warlord....  :/

So for August 2011 Goals:
1-Get my fire and death to complete GH and CL, go back to side quests to finish all of them.
2-Have my myth wizard to warlord in PVP.  
3-Try to finish life house for birthday party before end of month.
4-If nothing to do, I can try Pet race, hehe ;)

The reasons are I am set the goals each month to keep me busy instead say I am boring what can I do right now?  So I like to focus on my goals that way to keep me busy and do something instead stand there do nothing.  I am encourage you to keep yourself set up the goals to keep you busy.  =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart


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  1. Great goals! I can't wait to see your life house when it's all decorated.