Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crafting: Teleporter!

Hello again,

In test realm, my friend Kelsey Fireheart said PORT!  I was like okay.  So I ported to Kelsey at John Lifeglen's house and waited for loading to be done.  I was so surprise about Teleporter.  

What is that teleporter?  Well, I am not here to explain about how it working, but I am explaining what to do between crafting and gardening what you really need.  More information with Teleporter, here is the link of John Lifeglen's Blog about Teleporter! Thank you.

Here is the recipe of Teleporter from Gearwise, Base Camp, Celestia:

Master Artisan only and up
7 Orthrus TC
2 Perfect Sapphire
1 Pristine Vial
4 Golden Pearl
5 Sunstone
8 Black Lotus
10 Scrap Iron

Housing Crafting Station

Finally total for whole (recipe and reagents): 27580 Gold, but if you want to buy some reagents like black lotus and other, it is depends on what you have.

(For better if you need to make two, so that mean the Need as double as you need.  =)   )

Where to get Orthrus cards?  Well, there are few options: Bazaar, trade with Myth wizards or gardening.  I will explain more about them.

            1) Bazaar: It will be hard to find the Ortrhus Treasure cards there, once in while you may will find them.

            2) Gardening:  The best plants drop is Silver Trumpet Vines give that orthrus TC, but the problems are that plants grow so slow and long time.  I try to do the theory from Kevin BB's Blog about "Gardening: Quality of Life (cycles)"

Silver Trumpet Vines (STV)
(Crowns: 1000,
but there are few bosses and minions does drop those for free.
  I am not sure who drop.  I am still researching on who drops.)

That Silver Trumpet Vines likes:
         Helephant ears plants (1800 gold at Golem Court, WC)
         King Parsley plants (750 crowns)
         Tropical Garden Gnomes (225 gold at Gardener Vendors)
         Gong of the Oni (Death Oni,Yoshitito Temple, Tree of Life, MS)
         Decorative Gong (recipe: 23960 Gold, Torald Wayfinder, Northguard, GH)
         Pixies (It will appears to plants)
(I assume that they like Violin and Stand.  I will test it out as soon my death done with MS crafting.  =)  )

I am thinking of 32 soil instead of 28 plot which can be in large spell (15 energy per spell)
(medium size soil 32 fit in large spell)
As you see the 32 black dots are the seeds, the blue circle is large size spells cover it.
Try it for Silver Trumpet Vines and few plants that STV like to be with.  I am think of four sides that Helephant Ears and King Parsely, so the rest are middle for STV.  Maybe make it grow fast.  Who know?

            3) Crafting: For Myth Wizards who become Grandmaster Artisan, here is the recipe of Orthrus treasure cards:

Grandmaster Artisan, Myth school only
1 Minotaur
1 Perfect Citrine
2 Black Coal
2 Shadow Oil
2 Scales
5 Pearl
1 Golden Pearl
Card Crafting Station

You need 7 Orthrus Treasure Cards.  Remember, Myth wizards have times to do crafting, so be patients with them.  I have GMA Myth wizard.  If you really want it, let me know.  But I think save your times is gardening.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

\|m/ Diana Wildheart

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