Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Preview: LPoS

A foster deaf girl name Diana Emeraldheart, first time to enter Spirals, learning the spells in School of Wizardary, and meet new people.  I wonder about my mother and looking for the truth of my mother, figure out why I am only one who under the foster, not stay with family like the wizards do.  I has no ordinary dreams since I was baby.  But I found out about the problems, clues and puzzles in Spirals that nobody told me about.  I has very special power that I can see and figure the problems. I will face mystery, adventure, dangerous and survive.  The bad lady name is Cruella try to destroy all girls so she can stay queen as long time as she want.  Diana has to stop her before too late.  What can I do?  Can I save Spirals?   Will I meet my mother? Let find out soon.

Watch for Chapter 1!  =)

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