Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day One: Snap Dragon Project

Hello again,

I decided to try one to three plants that like each other.  So I am going focus on Snap Dragon project which will like Dandelion and Venus Fly Trap with house items: Regal Dragon Statue, Dragon Skull, Garden Gnomes, Potted Cattail and Ball of Blue yarns.  I am try focus like that more faster and without like I will researching more info about those plants.

With LIKE (Snap Dragon, Dandelion and Venus Fly Trap), Day One:

Without LIKE (Snap Dragon): Day One:

Do you wonder why I am doing this?  Well, my fire and ice need nightshade for my last DS crafting. Those plants drop deep Mushroom for now.  Since my fire is rank 4 gardener.  I can't have other that rank 5 and 6.   So I am researching this projects see how many days with like compare other without like.

I found out while I researched for nightshade while I doing gardening and crafting same time, I found in Central Wiki (wizard101).  So here are the lists of seed:

Boom Shroom have Deep Mushroom.
Burning Snap Dragon have Deep Mushroom and Nightshade.
Dandelion have Deep Mushroom.
Deadly Fly Trap have Deep Mushroom.
Fickle Pickle have Deep Mushroom and Nightshade.
Snap Dragon have Deep Mushroom.

Well, why deep mushroom?  There is only the best to have harvest then you can use transmute it to Nightshade.  All you need 15 Deep Mushroom = 1 Nightshade.

I hope it will help you thinking what need reagents for crafting or Treasure cards or whatever.  Since you noticed that I added Seed Information in my blog, because I want it help me and you, too.  To aware of that gardening how many days with like and without like for each seed. 

I decided to have day one: seedling, then how many days until Young, then how many days to mature, then how many days to elder.  So I will just post four pictures with days.  Not like STV Project that I posted every single day before.  ;)

I hope it is good enough for you all.  =)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

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