Friday, September 16, 2011

Gardening News: Balance, Fire, Ice

Hello again,

I am still doing my gardening, I set up and still researching my projects of SEEDS.  I am focus on Balance, Fire and Ice wizards.

My Balance (Lvl 15) focus on 5 Bread Fruit Bushes.  4 with LIKE, 1 W/O LIKE
                                              5 Cornbread Fruit Bushes, 4 with LIKE, 1 W/O LIKE
                                              5 Rye Bread Bushes.  4 with LIKE, 1 W/O LIKE
All of them has same LIKE.  So it is easy if all seeds that kinds plants same spots.  Same Gardening spells they have.  So try keep in one spot. 

My Fire (Lvl 52) focus on one Venus Fly Trap that pretty soon elder.

My Ice (Lvl 15) focus on 6 Deadly Helephant Ears, 12 Evil Magma Peas, 16 Boom Shroom, 1 Deadly Ninja Fig, and 1 Fiery Boom Shroom.  I am try gather more golden pearls, sandstone and sunstone for crafting for Grandmaster Artisan.  ;)  When I have enough, I will post Grandmaster Artisan Info up.  Wish me good luck with those seeds.

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

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