Friday, September 9, 2011

Birthday Info and Contest Rules

Hello again,

First of all, I want to thank you for Twitter friends and family who said Happy birthday to me.  This is so great community and support that we have.  =)  The reasons I has plans for everyone and wizard101 that I planned to have birthday party to celebrate.  It took me decorate my two houses: Life and Massive Fantasy Palace in two months.

My birthday wish is have everyone come to party, meet new faces and have fun.  :)

Do you remember the 8 More Days to go!?Anyway, here are the plans:

It will be on September 9th (Friday) 6:30pm MST, (5:30pm PST, 7:30pm CST, 8:30pm EST), meet at Life Tower, realm Satyr, area 1, find Alt Life Wizard name Diana Skullheart as port bus. (If the realm full or anything wrong, watch for this blog post and/or twitter from my phone when on Friday, September 9th, okay?)

The Life house will have lot of very tricky mazes and puzzles.  It will be fun for you to do there before we will go to Massive Fantasy Palace that will have cake, ice cream, root beer, tours and PVP party afterward.

The rules are:

1-Do not ask or beg for crowns, or gifts.

2-Do not ask or beg for add or remove friends.  (Remember this link: But my alt life wizard will add only for port bus.  Unless need friends to add. Please twitter us.  Thank you.

3-No foul languages, if I see or friends of mine witness, and will tell me, I will boot you out.  No fun for that.  So be careful.

4-Add me in twitter that I will post the clues for some contests.  ;)

5-Do not spam my email address.
6-Do not bother PVP when the team are full.

7-If you don't listen or follow my rules.  I will boot you out.

8-Very important, HAVE FUN!  ;)

I will give 10,000 crowns worth to give away Prizes: Wyverns Hoard Pack. 
Keep the eyes on the prizes!  :)  
 The prizes will give 3 each of winners.

There will be 6 contests. 

For everyone who follow my blog are eligible:
(P.S. all of them but Party Clothes will be judges will be in

#1 Contest:

The Rule is just follow my blog, click "Follower" on left side and make the comment to add your name and email address.

#2 Contest: Party Clothes:

Everyone can wear any party clothes that can be birthday or silly or whatever you decide the best for you.  I will have judge with whoever will be judge.  I can't say who.  ;)  We will choose 3 winners.
For four contests, you have to pick one of 4 contests, (You can complete all, but for enter, choose one.  If you enter all contests, you are disqualify.)

Time Limit is one hour from 7:00pm MST to 8:00pm.

Rules are:

1)  Full screen picture of where you found, put all in one email account with 
full wizard name and email address
2)  Please remember this, do not double email, or beg that forget first email, 
second is the best.  
 There won’t be fair for everyone.
3)      Email me at

#3 Contest: 09 Balloons

Diana Wildheart lost Party Balloons, Please find all 9 balloons for her. 
(Notes: Balloons in Party room won’t be count, sorry.)

#4 Contest: 09 Roses

Diana Wildheart lost all 9 roses, please find all 9 roses for her.

#5 Contest: All Life but one pets:

Find which one is not life pet. 

#6 Contest: Unicorns, Which one?:

Find which one unicorn fit for Diana Wildheart.
(Mount would be not count.)

 I hope you understand this Birthday Info and Contest Rules.  

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!


  1. Can't wait to be there. I think I might wear a super-silly outfit. But I can't really decide.

  2. cool. I shall try to make it!

  3. I shall try to make it!!!

  4. Wish I could come, but I got a lot of sharks to kill still :\

    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!