Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Red Bell Pepper

Red Bell Pepper

Sold by:
How long without “like”:

How long with “like”:

Seed drop:

XP Mature:

XP Elder:

Gold Mature:

Gold Elder:

Energy Needed:

Gardening Spells:
Reagent Drops:
Treasure Card Drops:
Pet Snacks Drops (Rank):


Tropical Garden Gnomes
Evil Snow Peas
Any Kind of Trumpet Vines

Special Notes:

Who Drops:

 Chester Droors (Credti to @TimmyDeathWiz)
Lord Bramble?
Lord Graustark

? = I have not get any seeds yet but I heard the bosses drop those.  Please let me know about this.  I will add this info that will be credit whoever find out.  Thank you.

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