Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DS Crafting #1: Two Ring Circus

Hello again,

It been while since I use my ice wizard Diana Mistshard and my fire wizard Diana to do crafting.  Yes, still working on DS crafting, do you know why I been waiting for so long time?  Well, I been working on gardening to harvest as I needed: Diamonds from Frozen Fly Trap and Black Lotus and Evil Magma Peas (if you can't afford the crowns, the other best opitions is Burning Snap Dragon, it will drop Black Lotus as well.)  I rather to do gardening than to looking for them because it is hard to find when you need it.  So I am try save gold and do the gardening for crafting.  It is very helpful even people said it getting bored and long time to harvest for those I need to finish my crafting fast before my gardening to be mature.  Everyone are different.  I am very patient person, I like to doing garden while I doing crafting, while I enjoy the game I play.  =)

Back to DS crafting #1: Two Ring Circus:

Do you remember when Adapt, Toshio told you go to Dragonsprye to see Master Artisan, Balthazar Dragonthorn?

Master Artisan, Balthazar Dragonthorn
The Atheneum, Dragonsprye 

Zoltan Nightstone
DS Reagent Vendor
The Atheneum, Dragonsprye
Balthazar Dragonsthorn give you the first Dragonspyre Crafting quest is Two Ring Circus.  

Do you remember my belief comments up the top?  If not, read again, please, thank you.

 Go make the rings.

Ring of Apotheosis
(Dragonsprye, Found by Balthazar Dragonthorn, Cost: 1125)
Required: Equipment Crafting Station
Gold Cost:
Ring of Apotheosis Recipe
Ghost Fire
Black Lotus
Final Total:
Rewards: 230 XP and 2925 Gold

When you done with Ring of Apotheosis, go back to Balthazar Dragonsthorn, he will check it out, then he will give other quest: Needle and Robe.  I will post next after this.  :)

I wish you Good Luck with Spirals!

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  1. What a coincidence! I'm on this crafting quest too! :D I think the diamonds will be the hardest, but I do have some frozen fly traps...guess I better start planting them...